Armenia country code is :

00 374 or +374
You will always have to dial this telephone code before the number you want to call in Armenia.

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How to call Armenia ?

To call Armenia you need to dial like this : 00 + Armenia country code + city area code + the number you wish to call. For example to call Armenia you always need to do 00374 + number, so it looks like 00 374XXXXXXXXX. (00) is the intrnational access code but from Canada it is 011.

What is the 374 country code ?

00374 is Armenia country telephone code. It's the dialing code you need for calling Armenia from another country. This page concern only Armenia dial code. If you want to know others dialing country codes you can find what you search in homepage. 374 country code

International access code can be replaced by "+" and the dialing code can be written like +374 or like 00374.

Armenia cities area codes.

You can find below area codes for major cities of Armenia. Before dialing, you must first enter the country code for Armenia and then the area code of the city you want to call.

So, you must start your dialing like this :

IDD + Armenia country code + city area code + ?????

CityDialing codesArea codeCity calling phone code
Abovian- Kotayk province+374(0)222 00374(0)222
Agarak- Syunik province+374(0)286 00374(0)286
Alaverdi- Lori province+374(0)253 00374(0)253
Amasia- Shirak province+374(0)246 00374(0)246
Aparan- Aragatsotn province+374(0)252 00374(0)252
Ararat- Ararat province+374(0)238 00374(0)238
Armavir- Armavir province+374(0)237 00374(0)237
Artashat- Ararat province+374(0)235 00374(0)235
Artik- Shirak province+374(0)244 00374(0)244
Ashotsk- Shirak province+374(0)245 00374(0)245
Ashtarak- Aragatsotn province+374(0)232 00374(0)232
Askeran- Nagorno Karabagh+374(0)476 00374(0)476
Baghramian- Armavir province+374(0)233 00374(0)233
Berd- Tavush province+374(0)267 00374(0)267
Chambarak- Gegharkunik province+374(0)265 00374(0)265
Charentsavan- Kotayk province+374(0)226 00374(0)226
Echmiadzin- Armavir province+374(0)231 00374(0)231
Eghvard- Kotayk province+374(0)224 00374(0)224
Gavar- Gegharkunik province+374(0)264 00374(0)264
Goris- Syunik province+374(0)284 00374(0)284
Gyumri- Shirak province+374(0)312 00374(0)312
Hadrut- Nagorno Karabagh+374(0)475 00374(0)475
Hrazdan- Kotayk province+374(0)223 00374(0)223
Ijevan- Tavush province+374(0)263 00374(0)263
Jermuk- Vayots Dzor province+374(0)287 00374(0)287
Kajaran- Syunik province+374(0)285 00374(0)285
Maralik- Shirak province+374(0)242 00374(0)242
Martakert- Nagorno Karabagh+374(0)474 00374(0)474
Martuni- Gegharkunik province+374(0)262 00374(0)262
Martuni- Nagorno Karabagh+374(0)478 00374(0)478
Masis- Ararat province+374(0)236 00374(0)236
Noyemberian- Tavush province+374(0)266 00374(0)266
Sevan- Gegharkunik province+374(0)261 00374(0)261
Shushi- Nagorno Karabagh+374(0)477 00374(0)477
Spitak- Lori province+374(0)255 00374(0)255
Stepanakert- Nagorno Karabagh+374(0)471 00374(0)471
Stepanavan- Lori province+374(0)256 00374(0)256
Tashir- Lori province+374(0)254 00374(0)254
Vaik- Vayots Dzor province+374(0)282 00374(0)282
Vanadzor- Lori province+374(0)322 00374(0)322
Vardenis- Gegharkunik province+374(0)269 00374(0)269
Vedi- Ararat province+374(0)234 00374(0)234
Yeghegnadzor- Vayots Dzor province+374(0)281 00374(0)281
Yerevan+374(0)10 00374(0)10

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