Hong-Kong country code is :

00 852 or +852
You will always have to dial this telephone code before the number you want to call in Hong-Kong.

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How to call Hong-Kong ?

To call Hong-Kong you need to dial like this : 00 + Hong-Kong country code + city area code + the number you wish to call. For example to call Hong-Kong you always need to do 00852 + number, so it looks like 00 852XXXXXXXXX. (00) is the intrnational access code but from Canada it is 011.

What is the 852 country code ?

00852 is Hong-Kong country telephone code. It's the dialing code you need for calling Hong-Kong from another country. This page concern only Hong-Kong dial code. If you want to know others dialing country codes you can find what you search in homepage. 852 country code

International access code can be replaced by "+" and the dialing code can be written like +852 or like 00852.

Hong-Kong cities area codes.

You can find below area codes for major cities of Hong-Kong. Before dialing, you must first enter the country code for Hong-Kong and then the area code of the city you want to call.

So, you must start your dialing like this :

IDD + Hong-Kong country code + city area code + ?????

CityDialing codesArea codeCity calling phone code
Hong Kong+8522 008522
Hong Kong+8523 008523
Hong Kong+85231 0085231
Hong Kong+85232 0085232
Hong Kong+85233 0085233
Hong Kong+85234 0085234
Hong Kong+85235 0085235
Hong Kong+85236 0085236
Hong Kong+85237 0085237
Hong Kong+85238 0085238
Hong Kong+85239 0085239
Hong Kong+852313 00852313
Hong Kong+852343 00852343
Hong Kong+852345 00852345
Hong Kong+852353 00852353
Hong Kong+852363 00852363

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