Syria country code is :

00 963 or +963
You will always have to dial this telephone code before the number you want to call in Syria.

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How to call Syria ?

To call Syria you need to dial like this : 00 + Syria country code + city area code + the number you wish to call. For example to call Syria you always need to do 00963 + number, so it looks like 00 963XXXXXXXXX. (00) is the intrnational access code but from Canada it is 011.

What is the 963 country code ?

00963 is Syria country telephone code. It's the dialing code you need for calling Syria from another country. This page concern only Syria dial code. If you want to know others dialing country codes you can find what you search in homepage. 963 country code

International access code can be replaced by "+" and the dialing code can be written like +963 or like 00963.

Syria cities area codes.

You can find below area codes for major cities of Syria. Before dialing, you must first enter the country code for Syria and then the area code of the city you want to call.

So, you must start your dialing like this :

IDD + Syria country code + city area code + ?????

CityDialing codesArea codeCity calling phone code
Aleppo+96321 0096321
Al-Nabk (Nabek,Annabk)+96312 0096312
Al-Qamishli+96353 0096353
Al-Raqqah+96322 0096322
Baniyas+96343 0096343
Bloudan+96313 0096313
Damascus+96311 0096311
Dera+96315 0096315
Deir al-Zour (Dayr az-Zoor)+96351 0096351
Hamah+96333 0096333
al-Hasakah (Hasake)+96352 0096352
Homs+96331 0096331
Idleb (Edleb)+96323 0096323
Jableh (Jebleh+96341 0096341
Gableh)+96341 0096341
Jisr al-Shughur+96344 0096344
Kordaha (Kardaha, Kerdaha)+96341 0096341
Latakia+96341 0096341
Ma'anbej+96325 0096325
Ma'arret al-Nouman+96324 0096324
Palmyra (Tadmor)+96331 0096331
Quneitra+96319 0096319
Safita+96343 0096343
Sweida+96316 0096316
Tartous (Tartus)+96343 0096343
Yabroud+96312 0096312

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